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Reflexion of 2018

Reflexion of 2018
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I am sitting here, 
amazed that 2018 is over. 
The new year always feels like a great time to reflect on the previous year.
This year, it hasn't brought back the greatest memories,
& I'm sure many of you can relate. 
Life can be tough.
I tried to find one picture that really summed up how I feel about 2018 coming to an end.

This picture is the one I decided on. It represents a lot of 2018. It represents the BIG thing I’m taking away from this year.
To hold on tight to those you love.
So quickly life can change when we least expect it.
It also shows that sometimes you have to fake a smile and act like everything’s okay.
This picture Chandler (our daughter) is having a meltdown, Travis is sick, and I’m just over it.
I feel like a lot of 2018 was putting on a smile, even when life was completely stressful, and it felt like nothing was going right.
Honestly, there were days when I didn't know if we'd ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

2018 came in with a bang.
You never dream you’ll wake up one morning and not have your house to come home to.
This was such a hard and trying time, especially having a 6 month old.
Our fire is really is what started the trend that 2018 had.
2018 went out with a bang also.
We lost our dog, Addie, tragically & it genuinely sucked. 
This happened in December. 
It really was the tip of the iceberg for what seems to have been the longest year.
Some people would say she was just a dog,
but we had so much love for her.
How we lost her is what made it even worse. 
Also, so many other things happened in between our fire and losing Addie.
I feel like I could write a book just on this one year.
This year seemed to last a lifetime.

However, 2018 had some great times!
Times that have been overlooked by the stress of this year.
I experienced the mountains and skiing for the first time, we went to Hawaii for the first time, we purchased a new home, re-launched Anchored Hope Boutique
and we’ve watched Chandler grow from this 6 month old precious baby, to an - ornery - almost 1.5 year old.
I’m also so thankful that we are all still together.
So many people don’t have a fire, that all they lose are things.
I know that we are blessed in this way 
& it truly is the only thing that matters! 

I'm trying to remind myself that for 2019,
it’s a year I should focus on all the good things.
Appreciating what we have and loving those around me. 

Here’s to 2019 and hoping it’s a lot less eventful and just a year we sit back and enjoy all these little moments that get overlooked sometimes!
I hope you all have a great year & hope only for the best for each of you! 
As always, my family and I are SO thankful for each of you! 

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