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Life is fast. Life is beautiful.

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How fast has the year been passing by for you?
It seems to be FLYING by for me. 
I can't believe it's almost fall again...
which happens to be my favorite time of the year<3 
But it makes me sad to see how fast EACH day flies by.
One of my favorite One Tree Hill Quotes is:
& it's SO true. 
Not just about love, but anything in life.
Whatever it is you want, GO GET IT! 
Life doesn't stop and it sure is heck doesn't get any slower.
Doesn't that really put things in perspective?
The future is always the next thing on our mind, when really we just need to live in the moment.
Soak it all in, and live this life that we were given to the fullest.

So what is it you want today? 
What are you dreaming of?
Go out. Dream it. Get it. Be it.

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